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Impact Focus Plans

The choice is yours. Our clients have chosen to know.

Would you like a good snapshot of your finances, your cash flow & your needs? Would you like to better understand your own investment portfolio? Would a risk assessment help you sleep better at night? And would you like this done by experts, without receiving a bill?

In order to provide what our clients most want and need, we need to first take the Kme to understand their situation. This approach allows us to determine if there is a good fit or not. If there is a fit, we can talk about strategies to grow wealth, reduce risk and lower taxes.

A Focus Impact Plan is created to help you really determine your risks and needs.

What You Will Receive
1. Personalized Cash-Flow Statement
2. Personalized Balance Sheet
3. Retirement Snapshot
4. Risk Exposure Report
5. Investment Analysis & RecommendaKons

What You Won't Receive
A bill for $5000. We take the risk. We do this because clients (and their families) usually become clients. If we don't choose to all work together, take the focus plan as our gift.

What does the Focus Impact Plan entail?

1. The Capital Conversation: 90 Minutes
From this we gather the informaKon needed to initiate the planning

We develop or fine-tune your balance sheet
We incorporate income/expense amounts as well as big-picture goals We gather financial informaKon for review

2. The Capital Solution: 90 Minutes
We present the Focused Impact Plan
You decide to continue or not
If the answer is yes, we will work together to determine next steps with specialized strategies we have prepared for you

What will you get from this exercise?

1. Clarity about your personal situation
2. Ability to "get to know" our team in a profound way, without spending a lot of time or any dollars. We believe this is the minimum due diligence process that should be performed before working with a wealth team.
3. A way to judge your results.

Why do we do this?

8 out of 10 individuals that go thru this exercise become meaningful, long-term clients to us. Our experience has shown us that this is the best way to establish a beneficial long-term relationship. We know that if we do the work up front, and the fit is good, clients are happy and stay with us.

What is our Choose to Know Philosophy?

The strength of a personal introduction takes a tainted topic and gives it a fresh chance. It clears a path through the barrage of latest ideas and tricky investment tactcs. The referral sends a message that it’s worth your time to look around a corner you hadn’t previously thought worthy. All that remains to be seen is what a person does when they hear that voice.

The choice is yours. Our clients have chosen to know.