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It’s Japanese for "continuous improvement." 

Everyone is worried about not having enough money for retirement!

But you can have a proactive strategy that maximizes retirement income, yet doesn’t strain your current cash flow.

Kai-Zen is a strategy that helps clients maintain their current lifestyle long term, but also provides death benefit protection as well as lifetime benefits.

Kai-Zen is one of the the ONLY strategies that uses intelligent leverage to help clients get more of the benefits they need to help financially protect their futures. Kai-Zen’s unique fusion of financing and life insurance offers more protections, while increasing your potential retirement earnings. And the best part? The leverage Kai-Zen provides is different than all other forms of loans- you don’t have to qualify for it!



  • Double your after tax income vs. a normal investment
  • Leverage – 3 times your money working for you
  • You don’t have to service the debt for leverage
  • Protection against early death
  • Protection and liquidity for long term care or critical illness/injury
  • You don’t have to qualify for the loans!


Client Profile:

  • Age 18- 65
  • Must be insurable
  • Ability to have a long term time horizon
  • Income of $100+ per year
  • Ability to contribute $25,000/yr or more for 5 years