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Premium Finance

We combine the capital markets and life insurance to solve estate tax and business succession problems in ways that can’t be replicated.

Premium financing, when done correctly, is the most effective wealth transfer strategy in the marketplace.

Premium finance strategies give individuals and family businesses a way to acquire large levels of death benefit to pay for future estate taxes or provide for business succession, by allowing the client to pledge collateral instead of paying premiums with after tax dollars. These planning strategies allow clients to keep control of their assets, grow their assets, and potentially leave more for future generations.

These strategies allow families more options and flexibility for estate planning, as well as for business succession and key man applications.



  • Clients keep control of their assets; therefore, assets can grow with minimal loss from opportunity costs
  • Reduction or elimination of annual exclusion gifts, lifetime and GST exemptions
  • Significantly more effective than paying premiums with after income and gift tax dollars
  • Simply solve large tax problems with minimal outlays
  • Reduce the need for gifting of assets during life
  • Premium finance has been stress tested against the harshest economic conditions


Client Profile:

  • Net worth greater than $20M
  • Under age 70
  • Liquid assets available to pledge as collateral for 7-10 years
  • Additional strategies available for older, uninsurable people with $50M+ net worth

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