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You know the old joke: A man walks into  bar...but your retirement money is no joke!

Do you have over $500k in qualified retirement accounts (401k, IRA’s etc.)? If so, congratulations! But we're sorry...

But How Can QLS Really Work? Check out these quick videos for an overview.

The bad news? These vehicles are extremely inefficient when it comes time to use the money inside them. All distributions are subject to ordinary income taxes upon withdrawal and could be subject to estate taxes, making this one of the worst places to keep money long-term. 


Additionally, the planning options for these assets are limited…convert to a Roth and pay the taxes now, don’t take income other than required minimum distributions, leave to heirs who must pay taxes over 10 years, or give the whole thing to charity upon death.

We can show you how to move your entire qualified plan assets into a tax-free investment vehicle at a discount, PLUS transfer a significant amount of your taxable assets into a ROTH IRA at very little cost.