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Wealth Management

Beyond the traditional, take a look at two potential options below:

1) Qualified Leverage Strategy (QLS). A solution to reduce taxes on qualified retirement plans.

Everything is movable, including your assets/  Investors who meet the requirements can access the QLS strategy.  While following existing IRS codes and guidelines, QLS repositions assets in qualified retirement plans (IRA, SEP, 401k,etc), with a portion of your outside personal savings placed into a Roth and life insurance policy. This results in a meaningful reduction of income taxes and more tax-free retirement income.

Benefits to Qualified Leverage Strategy:

- More Tax Free Assets

- More Tax Free Income

- More Generational Wealth

2) 1031 Exchange using a DST (Delaware Statutory Trusts)

The title is much more complicated than the process

If you own investment real estate like a ranch, a farm, rental property or an office building, etc, you can use the IRS 1031 exchange strategy to defer taxes upon a sell. A properly structured exchange allows an investor to:

  • Defer tax on capital gains and depreciation recapture
  • Relieve the burden of active real estate ownership and property management
  • Improve tax-advantaged cash flow and appreciation potential
  •  Exchange into higher quality property
  • Achieve greater diversification
  • Facilitate estate planning

If you would rather a passive approach and not have to manage a new property, then the DST solution may be for you. A DST is an popular option for 1031 exchanges. It is a co-ownership, passive investment in various types of propeties like multi-family housing, medical buildings, office buildings, senior living, storage, triple net (NNN) leased properties, etc.

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