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Wealth Management

Our plan doesn’t just track your finances; it also tracks your life.  Beyond the traditional, take a look at these two options below:

1) Qualified Leverage Strategy (QLS). A new solution to reduce tax burdens on qualified retirement plans.

Everything is movable, including your assets!  Investors who meet the standards can access the (QLS).  While following existing IRS codes and guidelines, QLS repositions the assets in a qualified retirement plan, with a portion of your outside personal savings placed into a Roth and life insurance policy. That means taxes reduce and you receive more tax-free retirement income.

Benefits to Qualified Leverage Strategy:

- Tax Free Assets

- Tax Advantages 

- Generational Wealth

2) Delaware Statutory Trusts (DST) Section 1031 Exchange.

The title is much more complicated than the process!

You've invested in real estate. You have have had a ranch, a farm, rental property or an office building. Now you have to pay taxes on the gain. Or do you? Thanks to the IRS code (IRC) 1031, a properly structured exchange allows an investor to:

  • Defer tax on capital gains and depreciation recapture
  • Relieve the burden of active real estate ownership and property management
  • Improve tax-advantaged cash flow and appreciation potential
  •  Exchange into higher quality property
  • Achieve greater diversification
  • Facilitate estate planning
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