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Tri-Zen or Kai-zen for Small to Mid-Size Businesses

Tri-Zen/Kai-zen is a pre-tax benefit strategy which gives you 3 times the leverage for an investment, without impacting your firm’s balance sheet. 

It is suitable for both non-profits and traditional businesses. Consequently, it allows employers to offer the ideal benefits for their key personnel and highly compensated employees without increasing costs.

The optimal benefit strategy would incorporate the following features:

  • Pre-Tax Contributions
  • Tax-Deferred Growth
  • The Ability to Access Cash Value Tax-Free
  • 3 times the Leverage
  • Death benefit protection
  • Critical illness or injury protection

This is the perfect solution for retaining top talent. Also, let’s talk about how we use Tri-zen for business succession planning.


Client Profile:

  • Corporations and Non-Profit enterprises
  • Ability to contribute $20,000+ per year for 5 years, per employee you wish covered
  • Ability to have a long – term time horizon
  • Employees must have $100,000+ per year of Income
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