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Grow Wealth & Income, Reduce Risk and Lower Taxes. 

Make a lasting impact on your family and community.

Is there more I can do to preserve and grow my family's wealth?

Impact Wealth. The name says it all. Do you seek to grow it or protect it or both? We can't answer that question for you but we can help you get there. It comes down to your specific goals and set of circumstances. 

We offer a comprehensive, high tailored approach to you and your finances. Because we are fiercely independent,
it gives our clients the opportunity to have a unique experience….one that is highly customized to you.

Let us listen. Contact us.


We can help impact your overall wealth as well as immediate income...

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There is no need to take unnecessary risks...

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Taxes are one of your largest expenses. Impact those expenses for the better...

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“Looking For Harrigan | Teegarden?

 We have rebranded as Impact Wealth